Cork Pubs Pokémon Go

Why Cork Pubs Have Gone Mad For Pokémon Go!

Let’s face it, Pokémon Go has essentially taken over the planet. No more are the days when one would lust after Ash’s life and dream of going on a Poké-quest of their own – now we can actually do it! And trust us, Cork pubs are LOVING this new addition to our city!

Generally speaking, one may not associate Pokémon and Cork pubs, but there’s a lot about us that you don’t know…

Why Cork Pubs Love Pokémon Go

Naturally, all Cork pubs love Pokémon Go for personal pleasure – we love chilling out on our lunch break and searching for the nearest Pokémon at hand – one of us actually caught a Jinx the last day – DELIGHTED!

Asides from that though, we love it because some of us Cork Pubs are Pokéstops!

Yep, Cork pubs have been honoured by the Pokémon Gods and are officially some great spots for catching yourselves new Pokémon.

The Courtyard On Sober Lane – Cork Pubs Best Pokéstop

Cork Bars Pokémon Go

Not only are we one of the blessed Cork pubs who have been granted the honour of Pokéstop – we’ve also has quite the few lures 😉

For those of you who don’t know what they are – lures attract lots of Pokémon and trainers for 30 minutes at a time – this is great as you can now catch new Pokémon in a safe environment with friendly trainers, pizza at hand & beers on tap – what more could you ask for?! We are literally loving being one of the fortunate Cork bars that can boast this!

Pokémon Go Cork

If you need to catch some extra Pokémon go to your Cork pubs, and if you need to catch even more, then come to our lure spot and you’ll be thrilled – now that’s enough from me, I’m currently on the hunt for a Mankey!

This article on Pokémon Go and Cork pubs was brought to you by The Courtyard On Sober Lane, Cork’s premier bar venue, with one of the best beer gardens in Ireland.

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