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Cork Pubs – What Makes ‘Em Great!

Cork pubs are the bomb. We’ve got you sorted day-in, day-out, night-in, night-out and all of the other times in between. Let’s face it, no matter if you’re in the mood to catch-up with friends, watch the match or have a bop, there’s more than enough Cork pubs out there to keep you entertained.

With that said, what makes Cork pubs any better than others? Well here’s a little list for you…

Why Cork Pubs Are Better Than The Rest?

Cork Pubs

The Charm

Now, Irish charm may be a big thing and yes, every Irish person has that little spark about them, but let’s face it, nowhere is Ireland carries as much charisma as Cork! All you Corkonians out there, along with our plentiful supply of Cork staff definitely adds a warmth and charm that you’ll only find in Cork pubs. Period.

The Accent Lad

This one goes hand-in-hand with the charm really, but Cork pubs bring you that accent that you’ll find nowhere else in the entire world. Am I right or am I right boi?! Nowhere else will you hear so many people singing in the one place – and we’re only trying to talk! We’d give the birds a run for their money lads 😉


With our accents and charm, we bring you personality. Cork pubs all have a distinct personality of their own. Whether you want a dive-bar, a swanky hot-spot or a bar that makes you feel like you’re on a mini holiday, Cork pubs have you covered. We love that each of Cork’s pubs is itself and is proud of it. We are who we are like!

The Quality

There’s no point in having all the rest if your venue and service don’t hit the mark. Cork pubs have that sorted too though – let’s face it guys, we’re just perfect!

Cork Bars

Don’t believe Us About Cork Pubs?

If you don’t believe us then you’re just going to have to pop in an be proven wrong! Honestly though, there’s no way you won’t be. Come on in whenever sure – the Euros might be over, but the summer’s not even half-way through yet 😉

This article on Ireland’s EUROS 2016 journey and Cork pubs was brought to you by The Courtyard On Sober Lane, Cork’s premier bar venue, with one of the best beer gardens in Ireland.

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