Cork Bars Euros 2016

Cork Pubs Bringing Showing EURO2016 Semis & Final This Week!

Yep, you read that correctly – a good few of us Cork pubs are keeping you well updated and are showing the EUROs semis and final this week/weekend!

Though it was a devastating blow when France took out Ireland, all Cork pubs are still super proud of our team – and super excited to see who wins the tournament!

Let’s be honest, us Cork pubs would find it pretty satisfying if France won, that way we’d at least have been knocked out by the winners!

Big Screens, Cork Pubs & Great Craic

Cork Bars Euros 2016

Now, just because Ireland might not be in the runnings anymore does not give you the excuse to lose your excitement for the cup! As a speaking point for Cork pubs, we’ll grant you a bit of rest in the interim, but now that the semis and final are coming up you need to get right back on that!

We’ve got the biggest screen you’ll find in any Cork pubs, the best beer garden in the city and a fantastic atmosphere to boot. We’re well riled up for the matches ahead!

Who are you supporting?

As we said above, we’re behind France for the title. Who are you going for though? Obviously we’re starting off with Portugal vs. Wales tomorrow (Thursday) @ 8 first though. To be honest, we’re pretty neutral for this part, but considering the hassle poor Wales have been in with Brexit we’d like to see it go to them.

What about you? Do you agree with Cork bars or do you have a different favourite to win the tournament? We know any of you who have drawn Germany in a pot draw will certainly be going for them 😋

This article on Ireland’s EUROS 2016 journey and Cork pubs was brought to you by The Courtyard On Sober Lane, Cork’s premier bar venue, with one of the best beer gardens in Ireland.

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