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Cork Bars & This Weekend’s Weather

As we all know, no matter whether it’s rain, hail, snow or shine, Cork bars are always going to be the best spot to enjoy our ever-fluctuating weather. With stunning indoor areas, fantastic outdoors venues, stellar drinks, great atmospheres and more – Cork bars will always have you covered. Yet again however, after a few so-so days during the week, it looks like Cork is about to have another beautiful weekend. Of course all of us Cork bars can’t wait!

Cork Weekend Weather Forecast

As we said above ^^, Cork bars are delighted that the summer is not yet over and can’t wait to enjoy the sunshine yet again. Have a look at this glorious shot showing us our weekend to come:

Cork Bars


There’s honestly nothing better than a warm summer’s weekend and it’s an extra bonus when the sun comes out! As far as Cork bars are concerned, we’re delighted with this summer. No, it may not have been quite like living in the Mediterranean, but the weather has been far better than previous years overall!

Cork Bars Plans For The Weekend

Well, as per usual… to have the best time ever! We can’t speak for all Cork bars of course, but here at The Courtyard On Sober Lane, we are getting pumped for another beautiful weekend. We’re preparing the beer garden, getting our delicious food ready and making sure that no matter what your mood, you’re going to have a better time in TCYOSL than in any other Cork bars 😜 Now, we’re sure you’ll have a great time at others too, but we just have a soft spot for our pizza & beer garden 😏

Well that’s it for now, but make sure you prepare yourself for the weekend – come down to us Cork bars and we’ll all have some fun :)

This article on Cork bars and the impending beautiful weather was brought to you by The Courtyard On Sober Lane, Cork’s premier bar venue, with one of the best beer gardens in Ireland.



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